Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My ideas.

So yeah.

A friend recently bragged about how easy my life is compared to hers, because I attend art school and sit around and draw for 6 hours. I don't spend my time writing papers for classes I don't even care about. No, I just sit and draw forever. I wish art school was that simple.  I find that I struggle with this concept of people, especially the ones closest to me and my relatives think that art school is easy and impractical.

Sometimes (not sometimes but almost all the time) the more emotional things are for me, the easier it is to come up with an idea.

I decided to pick camouflage.

Do you know those billboards when you drive by, that say one thing on one side, then say something else on the way back? Like, the first billboard is about fighting about child obesity, and then when you pass by it on the way home, it says something like "OH YEAH MCDONALDS IS AWESOME FEED IT TO YOUR CHILDREN!"? Well, I'm adopting that technical structure for my project.

They are parallel texts: "You're an artist, It's impractical/You're an artist, it's love on paper."One way, you see the negative text, up in yo grill being like, "You're an artist, you're a failure son!"and then the other side will say "Yeah well, fuck that other side." Obviously, not as straightforward and silly as that.

I'm using print art as my studio x class, so I can fill that requirement and work on something that I'm not so good at. (Turns out when I have a focus, I like print art more than I expected. yay for exploration!)

The main thing I want to work on is the actual craft of my artwork. I don't exactly have problems with concepts exactly, but it's the way I execute the project. So, I have to keep this neat. This is going to be an interesting experience, I can tell you that straight up.

I've made my monoprints on newsprint, to symbolize how the fragile words are, and that if you don't really care about what people say about you or your work, then it has no meaning whatsoever. Then, I'm going to take those sheets and spray mount them onto cardboard (the fancy kind), and cut out strips of 4 or 5 inches across, and use paper tape (my love) to secure both panels together. Then I am going to glue the rest onto cardboard. This will hang on the wall. Somehow.

Eh, we'll see how it goes.

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