Thursday, November 3, 2011

Carolee Schneeman

It's on the U-dub campus! yay!

The artist I remember the most is Carolee Schneeman. Here's her selected pieces of work:

Carolee Schneeman is mostly a performance artist, but I would describe her more as multi-media artist. She makes these elaborate backgrounds, and performs in front of them, expressing the female struggles. 

One of her pieces that she has that sticks out in my mind is called Interior Scroll.
Yeah, what? Okay. 

I appreciate the concept of her work, especially in this piece, that the woman is suppressed and is not noticed as an intellectual being in society. The only sort of wisdom that comes out of the woman is through the vagina, because well, that's where babies come from. 

When I look at her work, it is definitely shocking. I was taken aback by the work she did: I found that it was put together with what looks like to be trash, and then do a very sexual performance in front of the piece. It was slightly uncomfortable, because it was definitely confrontational and violently addresses the feminist movement of the time. Then 40 years later, she moves on and does her piece on her cat, before her cat dies of leukemia. I think when her cat dies is a pivotal movement for her artwork. She starts expressing her loss by creating her piece, Infinity Kisses II, which questions her own mortality.

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