Wednesday, April 4, 2012


...the process.
It's challenging (obviously!) because it's so illongated, but here are some things that I started doing.
I did a similar process to margeaux, so I started with chicken wire so I can see how big I want the snout to be.
Here's the side, how it'll look, relatively speaking. The heavier metal part is the jaw. 

YAY WONKY WORK! This allowed me to see how big I wanted things, or how small I wanted, and where it sits on me. The jaw rests on my chest, and moves when I breathe, which is totally cool, and I really like that.

I was so excited, I transferred the same idea to wire so I could see if that length was possible. And to see if that length was what I wanted to do.
 This also reminded me that this was so sloppy, so I wanted to restart for the legitimate structure. I wanted to, however, kind of keep that grid-like pattern because I just liked the look of it.

I liked the wrapped wire in the back, and this is when I decided to change the construction. I was going to make it more round on the top of the head (like a human) and have a giant snout.

It's a little smaller, which is totally cool, because it looks a little more believable. It's clearly not done.

top view.

I'm debating on wether to leave it as a wire structure, or use a clearish laytex-like material to drape over the wire. I don't know.

Until this is done, every day is like this: