Monday, September 19, 2011

Pocket Shrine

Well, there I am-- confined into a kitchen matches box. 
I used toothpicks to make a brooklyn-bridge-look-alike, and then used some cord to show the cables on the bridge. I also put a negative strip of a self-portrait assignment, and made a wire star. Then a shell hung on wire. Last but not least, there's a little Jade collaged in the back of the box.
I put the shell in my shrine because I simply love the sea. I feel the most connected to the sea... or rather large bodies of water. I'm just fascinated that such a heavy mass can be so light in small portions. 
I also put a copper star in my pocket shrine because when I write music or poetry, I always tend to look at the stars. I find the galaxies and the cosmos the most amazing things on the planet.

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