Saturday, September 10, 2011

John Cage's Game Theory

The piece I picked from John Cage's Game Theory is his piece, Arch (Rainbow). He used what seems to be wood scraps to create an arch with several different painted wood pieces. I was attracted to this piece because I enjoyed the shadows that this object created.
The four relationships I had to focus on while analyzing this piece was chance, strategy, participation and play.
John Cage's Arch (Rainbow) is a daring piece, because he uses non-linear wood scraps to create some sort of a rainbow. Using wood was obviously a risk/chance that he made, because if John Cage wanted a realistic rainbow, he would have used wood that was linear and would have done something that really looked like a rainbow. However, because he used wood in a non-linear way, he was able to abstract the idea of a rainbow.
Also with this piece, his strategy was to be completely abstract and also kind of play with the material wood.

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