Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eyes Of The Skin

Location: The Henry.
Objective: What is cinematic space?
My view: I'm standing at the top of The Henry, watching dancers interlock with each other in unison color red; and as I descend down the stairs, there's two women dancing on the stairs next to the wall. They have either a blue light on their wrist or ankle, and trace the floor with their bodies. As the performance starts, 7 dancers with chairs go onto the "stage". They dance with each other and with the chairs. The dancers try to pull off the peeling wall, and the piece ends with all the dancers on the floor.
How did the artist play with cinematic space?
The way the artist plays with cinematic space is through projection, but from three different sources.
First projection: Dancers
The dancers are the first projection, because it also the most emotional. The dancers project a certain feeling, whether the emotion is euphoric or agnostic. First you see the dancers, helping one another almost nursing the fallen others back to health. Then, you see the dancers fighting with one another. This creates the feeling of the piece, and the motion of cinematic space.
Second Projection: The Projector!
Obviously. The artist used the projector to project a video behind (or projected on the wall, but well concealed) the dancers, which tried to tear down it. 
Third Projection: More Lights!
By having one kind of light on one side, it created another "screen" to watch, which was the dancers shadows. 

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