Friday, October 21, 2011

Studio X research!

We have to utilize what techniques we have learned in our Studio X classes to reflect one project for Core Concepts. My Studio X classes consist of photography, sculpture, and print art. I've got to find examples of SPACE TENSION, Space camouflage, and Space reversal.
Let's do this baby.

I can't find the artist, but it's a kinetic sculpture. 

Dale Inglett, Patriarch, Matriarch 2009.  Monoprinting, which is a style of print art.

Diane Arbus. Child with a toy hand granade. NYC. 1962.
Tension=grenade. Done.


I guess this is more of a performance piece, but I still think it has to do with sculpture. 

yay German Artists!

Aidan Strudwick, "Camouflage" Acrylic monoprint, 2009.

Fred Lebain, "A spring in New York" Of course I have to find a New York Artist.


This is Judith Scott, someone I remember watching a documentary on maybe two years ago. She was born deaf and with Down Syndrome. She used art as a healing method, and it turned out it was her calling! What makes her work interesting is that instead of putting her found objects on the outside of the sculpture, she encases a story of objects on the inside, wrapped up in string so no one can see them. I really enjoy her work.


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